Spence's Challenge: Friday, November 16th

Win $1000+ for reading the things in your timeline.

November 16, 2018
Spence's Challenge

LISTEN to this Spence's Challenge, broadcast on The Chet Buchanan Show on 98.5 KLUC-Las Vegas. (Also, subscribe to our podcast on the Radio.com App) — Here's how it goes down...

Chet puts together 5 questions based on headlines from the day before. You will have 30 seconds to answer as many of those questions as possible. If you can tie Spence, you'll get the Terrible Herbst Jackpot (currently at $498)... and if you beat him, you get a $1,000 bonus. So just read some headlines and get ready to play Monday morning at 7:25a... in fact, here are Friday's questions for you to reference:

1) A Detroit-area woman was scammed out of $30,000 after she believed she was in a legitimate online relationship with what Hollywood actor?      A: TOM CRUISE

2) Which financial giant informed 1000 employees yesterday that their positions were eliminated?      A: WELLS FARGO

3) Along with sweeping restictions on e-cigarettes and flavored cigars, what type of cigarettes is the FDA planning to ban?       A: MENTHOL

4) Dwayne Wade revealed his baby daughter's name on Instagram yesterday. Who's his baby mama?      A: GABRIELLE UNION

5) Wednesday on The Late Show with James Corden, Melissa McCarthy fulfilled a fantasy by playing which game show?       A: THE PRICE IS RIGHT