Spence's Challenge: Friday, April 13th

The Chet Buchanan Show

April 15, 2018

How about we give you $1,498??? Well technically our friends at Terrible Herbst are going to give you $1,498 if you can beat the man Monday morning. 

"How does it work" you ask?? Just read some headlines. Chet crafts 5 questions based strictly on headlines from the day before. So read some webpages, maybe skim your timeline. And get ready to call Monday morning at 7:25a.

In fact, here are Friday's questions for you to get the feel:

1) What 71-yr-old soap opera star says she'd like to thank the paparazzi that took swimsuit pics of her in February?           A: SUSAN LUCCI

2) A'ja Wilson was the number one pick in last night's WNBA Draft. What team did she go to?    A: LAS VEGAS ACES

3) In honor of its 25th Anniversary, the cast of what iconic movie reunited recently on the Today Show?               A: THE SANDLOT

4) Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt have just signed on to reboot their 90s NBC series. Remember what it's called?               A: MAD ABOUT YOU

5) It was founded there, and their offices are still based there, but Sears just announced they are closing their last location in what city?               A: CHICAGO