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Kanye's Good Music Comes To Life At Sunday Service

Mr. West reminds us why we’re all his fans.

February 25, 2019

One thing we can't deny is that when Kanye West hit the music scene years ago, two words described him: Good Music.

With that concept in mind, as fans we expected the talented guy to always deliver something we would automatically vibe to. The music was great, I mean we got the classic "All Falls Down," from his debut album College Drop Out, "Touch The Sky," from Late Registration"Good Life," from Graduation, and not to mention everything that came after. The songs had the passion through its lyrics and beats, it isn't surprising that Kanye named his label after what he delivered: Good Music.

Yes, Kanye hasn't been the old Kanye, and that's totally fine. Every single person walking on this earth has the right to change, evolve, and be unapologetic about whom they'd like be.  This is something Kanye has also done well, and honestly we should all take a notes on that.

This past weekend Kanye's elaborate style went viral once again. This time, he reminded us of something: Good Music. 

The creativity of this man has evolved into a new tradition. I'd like to introduce you to Mr. West's Sunday Service!   Kanye's new tradition involves gathering his friends and family at church and performing for them. The videos that were graced on social media show a smiling Kanye as he is surronded by a gospel choir rocking Yeezy gear.  Now this is a Sunday Service that will never put you to sleep, its beautiful!

See the Pastor Yeezy below!

This the only time we allow dope on Sundays

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