Meet Indie Pop Artist Tessa Violet

She could be your next "Crush!"

July 12, 2018

Youtube sensation, now singer song-writer, "meekakitty," real name Tessa Violet is crush-ing the music scene!

Raised in Oregon... we don't know whether she is a ducks or beavers fan but what we do know is that she is super talented.

Since starting off her Youtube career back in 2007, she has made every kind of video possible. Her young-spirt yet nerdy at times personality soared through the computer screen making her an internet favorite. She creates advice vlogs, music videos, travel vlogs, tumblrr posts and much more! Now with over 1 million subscribers she using her vocal chords for more musical interests. 

Around late 2009, early 2010 she won the "Lash Allure Contest!" Why so important you ask? The prize was for one hundred thousand dollars!

She was instructed to make a video talking about what she would spend the money on. Here's what she said:

If you want to read more on her contest wins:

Youtuber, Shane Dawson, is also intrigued over the "future pop queen."

Maybe an upcoming series... to be continued

About 3 weeks ago, Violet, releases a song called "Crush" and since release has over 3.5 million views! The music video starts off visually coming from a cam corder recording inside of a grocery store. Suddenly, a bright yellow-blonde girl pushing a grocery wagon makes intense eye-contact with a store worker before he turns away... creepy right? It gets better. She gives the camera the emoji smirk (you know which one) before a quick jump cut to her in the frozen food section serving face!

We all love a frozen-dinner queen!

In all realness, the song talks about her wanting the attention of someone she likes. Violet defineitly seems like the girl to "play it cool." The melody of the track is very fast-pacing and uplifting. We're digging the indie-pop feel. The song makes for a good summer car drive with the top down going 55mph with the wind in your face... okay, no wind but you get the point.

Watch the music video here:

Stay tuned because Violet has more magical tunes coming your way. Her new album, Bad Ideas, comes out August 3rd.