Toy Drive Gave Him a Christmas, Now He’s Giving One to Others

All the feels from Day 8 as the hosts of Big Boy Carz LV come bearing gifts

December 6, 2018
Big Boy Carz LV hosts Joe and J.B.

Toy Drive 2018
It’s easy to overlook the “20” in the 20th annual KLUC Toy Drive presented by Venetian Resort and Sands Cares. After all, the spotlight is always on the words “Toy Drive” and host Chet Buchanan’s yearly effort to collect donations for families struggling to buy gifts for the holidays.

But when you really think about the significance of 20 years, you realize that so many of those children that were able to unwrap gifts as a result of Toy Drive are now grown up and have children of their own.

One thing is certain, they haven’t forgotten the generosity that the community showed them years ago.

“When I was a kid, this is where my toys came from,” explained born-and-raised Las Vegan and Big Boy Carz LV host Joe, who, alongside co-host J.B., delivered boxes of Hot Wheels cars to the NV Energy parking lot on Day 8 of Toy Drive.

“Thank you for what you do, it gave me a Christmas when I was a kid,” the Chaparral High School graduate added, as both he and Buchanan fought back tears.

Rolling up to Toy Drive in a Ferrari 488 Spider, Joe and J.B. unloaded two boxes containing close to 500 Hot Wheels cars (along with three bicycles) they’d collected from Walmart’s around the Las Vegas valley.

“We just stuck our arm in the shelf and swept them all [into the cart],” J.B. said.

“This morning we went back and the guy had just got done stocking the shelf, and we were like ‘Sorry man’ and took them again,” Joe added.

The duo even reserved a special Ferrari 488 Hot Wheels car just for Buchanan, which the host said he would keep in his office. The rest of the donations will benefit HELP of Southern Nevada.

For Joe, the decision to return to Toy Drive bearing gifts for children just like him was a no brainer.

“When I was a kid, we had nothing, and today we drove up in a Ferrari full of toys,” he said.

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