Spence's Challenge: Thursday, May 10th

The Chet Buchanan Show

May 10, 2018

Every time Spence wins another game, we throw $25.00 into the Terrible Herbst Spence's Challenge Jackpot...... Which currently sits at $948 (if you can tie him). Beat Spence for a $1,000 bonus. Make sure you find some time to study news sites, social media, and make sure you get that phone ready to call 702.364.9898 Monday morning at 7:25a! 


Here are Thursday's questions for you to use as a reference:


1. With a number of Key components about to run out, Ford stopped production on what truck model last night?     A: F-150


2. Sage Steele and Kevin Negandhi are repeatedly the new anchor team for what 6pm Eastern show?     A: SPORTSCENTER


3. From all appearances on social media, what KLUC artist seems to be really unhappy with their Met Gala look?     A: SELENA GOMEZ


4. Tennis great John McEnroe says that before Donald Trump became president, he offered McEnroe a million dollars to play a match against whom?     A: SERENA WILLIAMS


5. The State of California just became the first to require all new homes to have what?      A: SOLAR PANELS