Spence's Challenge Questions: Friday, October 4th, 2019

October 7, 2019

98.5 KLUC/Joe Minnich

LISTEN to this Spence's Challenge, broadcast on The Chet Buchanan Show on 98.5 KLUC-Las Vegas. (Also, subscribe to our podcast on the Radio.com App) — Here's how it goes down...

Chet puts together 5 questions based on headlines from the day before. You will have 30 seconds to answer as many of those questions as possible. If you can tie Spence, you'll get the Terrible Herbst Jackpot (currently at $1,273)... and if you beat him, you get a $1,000 bonus. So just read some headlines and get ready to play Monday (10/07) morning at 7:25a... in fact, here are today's questions for you to reference:

1) What iconic publication, under new management, laid off reportedly half of its staff yesterday?  SPORTS ILLUSTRATED

2) Oh NOOOOO!  Gigi Hadid and Tyler Hamilton are no longer dating. What show might you know him from?  THE BACHELORETTE

3) What classic rock group is going to play a “underwater concert,” sort of, in Australia?  KISS

4) New York Comic Con went nuts for the first look at the new movie, “Free Guy,” starring whomRYAN REYNOLDS

5) Who was spotted having dinner with Steve Jobs’ widow, but it was probably just business?  BEN AFFLECK