APH X Ben Harris – “Knightmares”

July 19, 2018

Knightcrawler – The project kicks off w/ a Travis Scott vibe. I love it though. I feel like APH has been coming w/ a different sound lately and I love everything about it. Ben comes in w/ the saucy flow. “Broke ain’t in my blood – I cannot relate”

Ever Really Need You – This one has been out for a minute already and that’s how I know I already like it. Love the flow APH brings to this one. “Now as a matter of fact I might just snap on a track!” Ben starts off choppin’ right AWAY! Typical Green ish and I love it!

Finicky – This beat is CRAZY fellas. This might be the one. This record needs to take off fast! “If you take a loss than you snap back!!!” Hey man, I love everything about this record. 

All Ova – Holy shit this one came outta nowhere! Similar vibe to Finicky production wise but different content. AP spittin’ but whats new. Yal got one w/ this one too fellas! 

My favorite waffle colored brothas – yal did this!