#PickOfTheDay | Arty Basqiyah - Young Flower Pot

November 19, 2018

Too See Your Face Once More - Very refreshing intro. If you’ve lost someone you can definitely relate to the message of this. I hear a lot of Chance The Rapper in his sound on this record.


Solidified - Yoooo come on Arty!!! This is what I’m here for. Love the intro to the record and how it immediately stops then switches to the boom bap sound. Lets GO.


The Firmament - Slows it back down on this one. Boom bap complimented by some keys; I love the beat. I love how he incorporates his vocals into the production of the beat as well. The content is what really grabs me though. 


Spinners - It gets a little iller with this jawn. He rapping his ass off.


Doop Doop - Love this beat. The entire vibe of the project thus far. What’s crazy is a lot of these indie artists would have no idea what to do with a beat like this lmao. But this dude Arty did it RIGHT.


Ride - Dawg, who is producing this project. SALUTE to them. It has such a consistent sound which makes me think it’s gotta be the same person. “Ride” is a very smooth record. Definitely something to cruise too. 


Water - Oooo this got a neo-soul vibe not to mention he mention Erykah Badu off rip lol. If I had to take a guess I’d say Arty listens too a lot of Cole, Wale, old TDE, retro Kanye, Common & a sprinkle of Mos Def.


Jameson - Halfway through the project we get “Jameson” which is wild to me b/c the immediate vibe I got from the beat is a prohibition era sounding. This one I’d ride around too; very smooth but could be turn UP esque if you will too.


Bluetooth - Kicks off w/ a :37 intro then he drops right in. Arty; I too remember hot dogs in the microwave and cinnamon on toast. Love the analogy within the hook. I can picture an ol’ head in a Chrysler 300 rockin’ the bluetooth earpiece as I listen to the record.


Twenty Four - Sensual sound from the jump. I could hear Jeremih on this joint. 


High - Lotta bounce too it. 


Since 1991 - Very happy vibe to it. Love the storytelling we get in this one.


Pain - Ooooo dawg yeah you gotta feel this one. This dude is a real ARTIST. By the way…no, they don’t feel bad. You already knew that though.


Get Up, Be Something - Cole sample at the beginning. I feel you Arty. Different flow; I dig it. He playin’ w/ yal on this one. It low-key turns into a totally different song halfway through.


Momma’s Boy - I’m just gone say this dude will be a household name. If not to the commercial masses; definitely to that of the underground and genuine hip-hop head masses.


Paint Different - Ok, cool - going out on some more real smooth boom bap. He talkin’ that talk’ too doe!!!! Phenomenal record to go out on.


This was my first introduction to Arty & anything I put here won’t do him justice. He’s definitely got his own sound but you can hear influences for sure. I hear a combo of J.I.D. & Khaild fareal. Nonetheless this dude is a problem and must be protected at all costs.