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The Chet Buchanan Show

Episode 394 of 'The Chet Buchanan Show': Kayla's Gross Date

We asked the P1s to cast us for "The Chet Buchanan Show" movie... And let's just say we're all getting an Oscar. Once again, The Bachelor takes on real life issues. AND Kayla tells us about the time her ex-boyfriend ruined their relationship AND a Katy Perry song with one sentence. Read More
Can you train a man to be better in bed?

Can You Train a Man to be Better in Bed?

Courtney needs a little help from The Chet Buchanan Show . Her relationship with her boyfriend is going pretty good except that he is a terrible kisser and horrible in bed . Courtney's friends are encouraging her to train her boyfriend , but is it really that easy ? Read More
Pawtasic Friend

Tyler's World ..:: Pawtastic Friends ::..

Torrey is available for adoption here in Las Vegas! She is so affectionate and loving and would probably be best in an adult home. She loves to crawl right up on you and give you kisses. She has had some agility training and LOVES to swim so bonus points if you have a pool. To find out more about... Read More
Tyler Foxx meets Miss Remi

Tyler's World: Presents @ work!

Hey Foxx gang: On 12/27/2019 I lost my Fawn Doberman Pixie Nicole to Pancreatic Cancer. It was horrible watching her sick and in the final stages of her life. I have been literally broken up about her passing. The thought of going on without her and her silliness was on bearable. A lot of you have... Read More
Tyler Foxx meets Miss Remi

Tyler's World: Me as a parent

Hey Foxx gang: Just wanted to give a check in on how things are going with Miss Remi. She is so sweet. She even shares her bones with her little brothers. See the video to see how bothered he was by his big sister. Let's be friends - TylerFoxxVegas on socials Read More

Tyler's World: Blogging...

Hey Foxx Gang- Thursday with Tyler almost the weekend. I can't wait for this long 3 day weekend. I always imagine I will lay around eat popcorn and binge watch TV. It never works out that way almost ever. I have had Remi home with me since Sunday afternoon. It is quite a change having a new doggie... Read More
Tyler Foxx meets Miss Remi

Tyler's World: An emotional road trip!

Foxx Gang! I am honestly so glad to share this post with you! On 12/27/2019 that Friday was probably one of the worst of my life. My beloved Doberman Pixie Nicole crossed to the rainbow bridge and TBH, I was rattled. Everything in my house felt differently and I just didn't feel happy not having... Read More