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Paper Straw; November 15, 2019

Smoothies. Who doesn't love a good kale, fat burner with flax seed smoothie. I mean, I do. So, I sit down in the quaint patio area of my very zen, neighborhood smoothie shop. I suck down a couple of swallows as a frenzy of yoga pants shuffle by but then realize I'm not getting any smoothie through... Read More

Church of Spencetology Podcast: Episode 18

You've seen the commercial: A wealthy family comes out of their chateau. A man leads the way in a very fashionable scarf. The children are straight out of central casting. The wife, blindfolded, awaits in anticipation. Before them, a shiny new luxury vehicle with a giant bow on it. THIS. NEVER... Read More

Cats or Dogs

So, there is a huge debate whether cats or dogs are better. Which kind of person are you? Read More

Why is Your Man Buying Flowers for Another Woman?

Imagine this, your BFF was just cheated on by her boyfriend and is completely heartbroken. YOUR boyfriend offers to buy your BFF flowers to cheer her up. Is this a problem for you? Well, some folks on Twitter are not happy with this kind gesture. And, Lil Jess, from The Chet Buchanan Show, isn't... Read More