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Mahoney COVID

LV Unity: COVID Strikes Close To Home

There is a lot of murky water surrounding COVID. Some believe that the death rate is beneath that of the common flu (it's not), that it actually isn't that serious (it can be), and that it only affects the old. While it is true that the average age of death is pretty high, Coronavirus seems to... Read More

LV Unity: Vaccine Facts And Fiction

COVID-19 has been an absolute wreck to the physical - and mental - health of America and the world. Now, several vaccines are hitting market that boast Polio vaccine-level effectiveness. Unlike the days of Polio, however, now we have social media. And a lot of information is coming across our... Read More
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Maria's Love Life Will Change According to Gary Spivey

Is it just us, or is there a lot of pressure on this Valentine's Day? Seriously, it seems like everyone is looking for love (like NOW), and Maria is one of those ladies. Problem is, all of her relationships are ending the same way. So we called in the World's Greatest Psychic Gary Spivey. Read More
Venetian Resort and Sands Cares

Thank You Venetian Resort & Sands Cares!!

Venetian Resort and Sands Cares are the title sponsors of the 98.5 KLUC Chet Buchanan Show Toy Drive and THEY OWN IT. Seriously, from the countless hours of volunteer work on the ground at Toy Drive to the crafty ways they were trying to raise funds, they are an unbelievable force. So, of course,... Read More
tony sanchez

The NV Energy Family Shows How Much They Care for Las Vegas

Hard to believe Chet Buchanan has spent more than 6 months of his life in the parking lot of NV Energy... we're pretty sure he could walk the parking lot blind folded. LMAO. When folks thing Toy Drive, they typically think NV Energy because of Tony Sanchez and his entire team. Not only do they let... Read More