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Ten More "Good Feeling" Stories from the Coronavirus

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . . 1. A guy who owns a bunch of restaurants in Indiana did a fundraiser where he cut and dyed his hair and got the "Tiger King" haircut. He's using the money to pay his staff. 2. Three people in Billings, Montana came up with an open-source... Read More
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I got my free taco from #TacoBell

Hey gang! How's that quarantine coming for you? I am bored to tears TBH. You can only clean the house so many times, and my dogs are starting to wonder if I am ever going to leave. I am starting to going a little stir crazy. I think I am going to get back into my work out routine and see if that... Read More
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Tyler's World: Blog : Working from home

Hey gang! Happy Tuesday! Shout out to everyone working those essential jobs. I had to get up early and take my little guy Lucky to the vet. Last week his face blew up like a balloon and he had to go to the ER. Because of all the chaos going on. We were unable to get an appointment for a few days... Read More
Senior Shopping Hours

Local Senior Shopping Hours

With stores being an essential business for everyone during this pandemic these local Las Vegas stores are opening up their doors early to help seniors with their shopping needs. #StayHomeForNevada Albertsons / Vons- Tuesday and Thurday, from 7am to 9am Smiths- First hour on Mondays, Wednesday and... Read More
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Tylers World: Personal Blog

Hey gang! I ventured out this morning to a grocery store that actually had stuff in stock. I was shook for a minute and legit resisted the urge to binge panic buy. I still saw people panic buying stuff. Forget getting toilet paper I did buy all the dude wipes that were left in stock. Please look... Read More
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Episode 423 of 'The Chet Buchanan Show': 1 Show, 3 Studios

The first ever Chet Buchanan Show Quarantine Scavenger Hunt!!! PLUS, we want to hear all about your new co-workers now that you're working from home. And we task Kayla with throwing Chet Buchanan Show shirts to people and she could be the worst baseball player ever. Read More
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Panic buying!

Hey gang- I wish I was writing with better news. This COVID-19 stuff has everyone's heads really spinning. People out here panic buying things. The older people who get paid once or twice a month have to get up and go to stores earlier. It's sad! I think of all my friends right now who work in the... Read More
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Episode 421 of 'The Chet Buchanan Show': The Shapely Mother

NOOOOOOOOOOO Coronavirus talk. We understand that it's consuming people's lives, but we're going to do our best to stay away from it. Which is how we ended up talking about corn-dogs, cheese and Kayla's new product, the "Shapely Mother." PLUS, we share stories of GOOD (non-coronavirus related)... Read More