These 'Home Alone' decorations recreate iconic scenes from the holiday classic

November 22, 2020

The Wet Bandits, Marv Murchins and Harry Lyme, are back at it again.

And so is Kevin McCallister!

One residence is paying tribute to "Home Alone" in honor of the film's 30th anniversary.

The decorations, which have gone viral on TikTok, give the Illinois-based “Home Alone” house a run for its money.

Kevin O’Reilly, from Austin, Texas, describes himself as a "painter/product designer/programmer/puppy pop" in his Instagram bio. He put his decorating skills to good use, going above and beyond to recreate some of the most iconic scenes from the beloved holiday classic. It’s almost like watching the comedy come to life!

For starters, there’s life-size figures of Kevin and the two robbers. The kid is on the roof outsmarting them with the paint can booby trap, mimicking the scene in which he originally threw a can over the stair banister in the film.

The two home invaders are attempting their escape, but as we know, it will be unsuccessful thanks to Kevin’s efforts.

But that’s not all. The decorations include the Michael Jordan cardboard cutout that Kevin used to convince the crooks that someone was home.

Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree" can be heard playing in the background.

O'Reilly spared absolutely no details. If you look closely, you’ll even see a photo of Buzz’s girlfriend in the window. Fans took to the comments to share that this was their favorite addition.

And finally, the best for last… the side of the house displays a light-up sign that boasts the film’s classic line: “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!.”

30 years may have passed since the film's debut, but fans still cannot get enough.

Earlier this month, a "Home Alone"-themed rental property became available in Dallas.

The home, dubbed "The Kevin," includes mannequins moving in the window, the spider sitting in Buzz’s room, and a complimentary cheese pizza delivery.

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