Entercom Communications Corp. | Las Vegas' 98.5 KLUC
7255 South Tenaya Way, Suite 10089113, Las Vegas, NV,

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Entercom Communications Corp. |  98.5 KLUC
7255 South Tenaya Way Ste. 100
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Request Line: 702-364-9898
Text a Request: 82985
Phone: 702-253-9800

98.5 KLUC On-Air Staff:
Chet: chet.buchanan@entercom.com
Kayla: kayla.walker@entercom.com
Lil Jess: jessica.rose@entercom.com

Additional 98.5 KLUC Staff
Operations Manager:
J.B. King - jb@kluc.com
Digital Content Manager: Melinda Sheckells - Melinda.Sheckells@entercom.com
Dir. of Marketing, Promotions And Events: Katrina Llapitan - katrina.llapitan@entercom.com
Dir. of Sales: Gina Massenzi - gina.massenzi@entercom.com
Sales Manager: Holmes Pooser - holmes.pooser@entercom.com

LISTEN LIVE: https://app.radio.com/web-download-985-kluc

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