The Church of Spencetology Podcast

March 13, 2018
We'll start you out with another WhistlePig update. Yes, there's more. Highlight five things gamblers do at local bars that drive the bartenders nutty and our first ever Douchebag Madness Selection Show. 32 entries, only one title as King Doucher of the Year. Plus, my original track, "The March Madness Song," featuring all 68 teams in under :46 seconds along with a throwback Chris Brown parody of his hit "Dueces," aptly titled, "Douches."   Episode 7: The WhistlePig     Episode 6: The Fergie Fallout     Episode 5: The Winter Olympics     Episode 4: My Super Bowl Prediction     Episode 3: Oprah? More Like NOprah     Episode 2: Black Friday Sucks     Episode 1: The Social Injustice League