Spence's Challenge: Tuesday, March 6th

March 6, 2018
Are you constantly saying "Oh, I would have beat him today. I would have gone 5-for-5?" Time to PROVE IT. Play Spence Wednesday morning at 7:25a for the Terrible Herbst jackpot (currently at $1,023).... Beat him for that $1,000 bonus. Spence's Challenge NEWBIE: Welcome!! Spence's Challenge is a pop-culture trivia game. 5 questions cultivated by Chet the night before ALL based on headlines he reads in his timeline. You'll have 30 seconds to answer as many of those as possible. So read some headlines and get ready to play Wednesday morning. Here are Tuesday's questions for you to reference:
  1. Russ Solomon passed away at the age of 92 Sunday night while watching the Oscars. He was a beloved and iconic figure of the music and video industries. What was his contribution?                   A: TOWER RECORDS
  2. A Federal judge is reviewing a case in which hundreds have claimed that the active ingredient in which weed killer causes cancer?                A: ROUNDUP
  3. Who showed up at Vanity Fair's Oscar party with a grammatically incorrect temporary tattoo?                   A: EMMA WATSON
  4. Ichiro is reportedly close to a deal to return to the Seattle Mariners. Who has he played for the last three seasons?                A: MIAMI MARLINS
  5. What special skill does Flippy The Robot employ?                A: FLIPPING BURGERS