Cardi B's 'Bartier Cardi' Gets T-Pain Remix

March 6, 2018
By Hayden Wright Few artists sound more of-the-moment than Cardi B, whose signature flow made "Bodak Yellow" and Bruno Mars' "Finesse" remix international hits. In December, Cardi kept the party rolling with "Bartier Cardi," providing further evidence that the it-girl MC is here to stay. Related: Cardi B’s ‘Bartier Cardi’ is Here: Listen Now, T-Pain has dropped a remix (or rather, a "T-Mix") of "Bartier Cardi" that dials up the raunch factor and includes his signature hype lines. T-Pain has been making Autotune great again since the mid-2000s, so old-school meets new-school on the T-Mix. Early in his opening verse, T-Pain shouts out to Cardi's fiance, Offset — another recent collaborator. Listen to the T-Mix of "Bartier Cardi," which contains explicit lyrics, now at