The Good Feeling Story Of The Day, 3/5/18

March 5, 2018
Kelly Brown has an 8-year-old Pomeranian pup that LOVES his favorite green squeaky toy "Greenie!" Her dog loves Greenie so much, that he refuses to play with any other toy! So, for the last several years, Kelly goes down to the local PetsMart at the end of every month, and buy's her dog a new Greenie! Last month, Kelly went into her PetsMart only to learn that the store discontinued the toys! Panicked, Kelly took her problems to twitter, posting an online picture of Greenie and asking for help! Thankfully, a PetsMart employee in Texas saw the post and checked their "Bargain Bins" at that particular store... She was able to find 8 Greenie's in the bin and mailed them over to Kelly! It’s Today’s “Good Feeling Story of the Day! Hear Chet’s “Good Feeling Story of the Day” weekdays at 7:20am