Spence's Challenge: Thursday, March 1st

March 1, 2018
Spence is only a few wins shy of 500 total...... Is it you that stands between him and victory?? Just read some headlines that appear in your timeline and get ready to call us Friday morning at 7:25a. In fact, here are Thursday's questions for you to reference:
  1. You may be aware that Papa John's has elected to no longer be the official pizza of the NFL. As of yesterday, who is?                A: PIZZA HUT
  2. The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards thinks Mick Jagger should get a what?              A: A VASECTOMY
  3. NFL running back Matt Forte retired yesterday. He played his first eight seasons for Chicago. For what team did he play his final two?                 A: NEW YORK JETS
  4. What country music legend just donated their One Hundred Millionth book to children around the world?                    A: DOLLY PARTON
  5. Only on living president will attend Billy Graham's funeral. Who?                  A: PRESIDENT TRUMP