Chet Joins the Fox 5 Surprise Squad

February 26, 2018
"Milton's Love"   "Milton's Love" details the story of Milton and Natalie. Milton suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. The debilitating disease has taken away his ability to work. There are days where he can't even unscrew the cap on a bottle of water. His wife Natalie, now, takes care of everything. From working, to taking their two girls to school, to taking care of Milton, she doesn't get much of a rest. Enter Chet and Fox 5's Cassie Jones with another Sweetheart Surprise Squad.   Every Wednesday, through February, watch Fox 5 News at 4pm and 10pm for sweetheart surprises as Chet joins the Fox 5 Surprise Squad.   "A Surprise for Mom"   [anvplayer video="3815444"]   See some of our previous Surprise Squads.