Spence's Challenge: Friday, Feb. 23rd

February 23, 2018
How much do you read? The beautiful thing about Spence's Challenge is all you have to read is headlines. Chet puts together 5 questions (based only on headlines). If you can answer more questions than Spence, you'll take home the Terrible Herbst Jackpot.... which currently sits at $1,848. Play Monday morning at 7:25a for all the cash! You can even use Friday's questions for reference:
  1. Who said, "I have learned my lesson" after their comments spurred a "family intervention?"                A: QUINCY JONES
  2. What old-school Saturday Night Live alum was reportedly attacked in a road rage incident?                 A: CHEVY CHASE
  3. Who tweeted about Snap on Wednesday, causing it to lose A BILLION DOLLARS in market value Thursday?               A: KYLIE JENNER
  4. Who shared their own Me Too story.... saying the ex-boss of the Golden Globes felt them up?                 A: BRENDAN FRASER
  5. What automobile is dominating the 2018 Consumer Reports rankings?                  A: TOYOTA