WhistlePig Whiskey to the Rescue

February 22, 2018
A combination of a simple mistake at a bar, social media mixed with a whiskey company resulted in a windfall for a worthwhile charity. I had no idea how expensive a shot of WhistlePig The Boss Hog straight rye whiskey was. When I asked my wife to order me a whiskey, she asked, "Which one?" I looked up at the large selection of whiskey's behind the bar at T-Bones inside the Red Rock Hotel Casino and the name "WhistlePig" caught my eye. When the check came, I wondered out loud, "Why is the bill so much?" There, on the receipt I found the culprit: "1 WhPig Boss Hog.....$125." I. Had. No. Idea. I wasn't upset with the bartender or the restaurant, just with myself for not asking. I paid my bill and, obviously, took a pic of the receipt so I could have a cherished memory of my stupidity. I posted it on my Instagram and joked that I should create a gofundme. Then, I thought, why not? I figured I could have some fun with the story on the air and, if by some act of God, someone donated, I could give the money to charity. I set up the gofundme titled, "Whiskeypig Whiskey Fund" and wrote: "Because I am monumentally stupid, I unknowingly ordered a shot of whiskey that cost $125. Please find it in your heart to help me pay off my Whistlepig whiskey debt." A few friends and listeners thought it was funny, as well, and contributed $5 here and $10 there. While attending a Vegas Golden Knights hockey game, P1s Adam & Angie (A P1 is a dedicated fan of the show) spotted me and gave me $5 cash on the spot. I included WhistlePig's Twitter and Insta handles in every post about the bit, hoping that they might reach out. A couple of days later it happened. I opened up the gofundme app and there it was: $50 from WhistlePig Whiskey. The Vermont distiller actually heard about it and donated! They wrote, "A) $125 is a steal B)Not stupid. Best decision ever C) The P should be capitalized." I later found out that a woman by the name of Stephanie McNabb had alerted WhiskeyPig to my plight. See sent me an email, "Just spent the weekend with the awesome folks at WhistlePig Farm and I randomly came upon your post and told them about it. Shot paid for! :) #drinkresponsibly" I told the story on the air and announced that whatever I collected on gofundme I would match and donate to St. Baldrick's Childhood Cancer Research Foundation. Thanks to listeners, friends and WhistlePig, we made a donation of $335. No, it's not a lot, but my oversight resulted in, not only a donation to a worthy cause, but a great bit on the show, as well as, amazing interactions on social media. Follow me on (Spencetology) on Instagram and Twitter