The Good Feeling Story Of The Day, 2/12/18

February 12, 2018
Joseph Bitetto was born in February 1996 at home in Canarsie, Brooklyn.  Unfortunately, Joseph was premature at just 28 weeks.  That wasn’t the only scary part of his birth. While in labor, Joesph’s mom, suffered a ruptured placenta. Thanks to the actions of first responders, though, both Joseph and his mom survived.  Nearly 22 years later, Joseph graduated as an EMT — the same job held by the hero who saved him and his mom when he was born.  Now a recently graduated EMT got the chance to meet the man who not only delivered him as a baby, but saved his mom’s life in the process.  For the first time, Joseph was able to meet Howard Blanck, the hero who’d arrived at his house and saved the day all those years ago, face-to-face. Joseph’s dad, Nick, was so moved by his son’s accomplishment that he wrote a letter to his son’s graduating class detailing the family’s story and thanking them all for choosing to be EMTs.  Today’s “Good Feeling Story of the Day! Hear Chet’s “Good Feeling Story of the Day” weekdays at 7:20am