Chets Randoms For 1/12/18

January 12, 2018
No one knows if Andrew Jackson was born in North Carolina or South Carolina.  He claimed South Carolina, but it may've been for political reasons, and there's evidence that suggests it was actually North Carolina. "Nimrod" only became another word for idiot because of Bugs Bunny. He called Elmer Fudd a "nimrod."  But Nimrod is a Biblical character who's referred to as a mighty hunter.  And since Elmer Fudd was a bad hunter, Bugs was using it ironically. Snoop Dogg and the late Nate Dogg are actually cousins...and no, "Dogg" is not the family's real last name. Cookie dough ice cream was created by Ben & Jerry's in 1984. They originally sold it at a shop in Vermont, then started selling the pints in 1991. By age 32, you've been alive for over one billion seconds.