Would You Let Your Best Friend Date Your Daughter?

January 11, 2018
Is there any situation in the world where you would let you best friend date or even marry your daughter? That thought is pretty scary nightmare to most people but unfortunately for one P1, this was a harsh reality... Chet received an email this morning from someone who wish's to remain anonymous, that's a family father with a 21 year old daughter. Recently, him and his best friend went out to the bar, while drinking, the friend confessed his love for his daughter and that they've been seeing each other! The Best friend is over 40 years old and wants to openly date the daughter! What do you think? If the father intervene, than he could lose both his daughter and his best friend... Nevertheless it's still his daughter! Find out what Chet, Spcne & Kayla said, along with P1 Patricia who called to explain how this happened to her 19-year-old and 32-year-old best friend!