Spence's Challenge: Thursday, Jan. 11th

January 11, 2018
Spence started 2018 right! With a perfect 5 for 5 score in the first Spence's Challenge of the year! Think you could take on Spence in Spence's Challenge? It's a five question pop-culture trivia game where you can win the $98 in the Terrible Herbst Spence's Challenge Jackpot with a tie, but don't forget about the $1000 bonus if you can beat Spence... If you don't, another $25 get's added every day! You never know, 2018 might be the year you win! So study up and we'll see you Friday morning! Here are Thursday's questions for you to reference:
  1. What NFL Hall of Famer issued a warning to the raiders players about new Coach John Gruden?      A: JERRY RICE
  2.  What celebrity chefs soon to be opening restaurant reportedly already has 12,000 reservations?       A: GORDON RAMSEY (HELL'S KITCHEN)
  3. What former jersey shore stars spouse blasted off on social media in response to rumors of their troubled marriage?   A: SNOOKI
  4. What Las Vegas headliner revealed they got legally married in private, with the party to come soon?    A: RICKY MARTIN
  5. What NFL team fired two coaches yesterday, with possibly more to come?    A: SEATTLE SEAHAWKS