My Boyfriend Doesn't Think I Can Get The Job... So He's Applying Too!

January 11, 2018
P1 Haley called the show today in need of some relationship advice for her and her boyfriend... They both work at the same company together right now and they're looking to find a way out. Haley found a great job opportunity in another department at her company! Although it's the same company, their relationship could go public because of the department change with the current co-worker relationship policy. One night, she got home and showed her boyfriend, who was really excited! Not because she might get the job, but because he wants it too! He said, "either way the money will go to us, now we have doubled our chances of getting the job!" How would you feel if this happened in your life? Would you understand that it's an open position that would benefit your relationship, or is he trying to steal your ticket out! Find out what Chet, Spence & Kayla say!