UPDATE: Should Monica Date Her Step-Brother?

January 10, 2018
P1 Monica called the show last week asking for some relationship advice for the recent crush she's grown for her step-brother! She was recently ran into her step-brother at Downtown Summerlin after she hadn't seen him for over 2 years... The last time she saw her step-brother, he was "nerdy" and had "noodle arms," but now he's a stud! Monica has actually gone on a date with him since speaking with Chet, Spence & Kayla and today she called the show to explain how it went! She said he's matured a lot over the last couple of years and he's really handsome! Not only that, but the date ended with a kiss! While explaining, Monica cpould barley contain her excitement! That was until Monica's called... and yes, it was as bad as it sounds!