Chets Randoms For 1/9/18

January 9, 2018

Chuck Berry only had one number one hit ever . . . and sadly, it was "My Ding-a-Ling". It takes between seven and 21 days to make one jelly bean. Eleanor Roosevelt was Teddy Roosevelt's niece.  Franklin D. Roosevelt was Teddy's fifth cousin. So when FDR married Eleanor, they were both part of the same family tree.  They were fifth cousins, once removed. The word "husband" comes from the Old Norse word "husbondi" which means "master of the house." The word "wife" comes from an old Indo-European word "weip" which means "to wrap" and might've referred to the veil that brides wear. The woman who played Miss Cleo in the psychic hotline commercials in the '90s was named Youree Dell Harris . . . and she only made $1,750 for the job, with no residuals.  The psychic hotline she advertised made $24 million a month for two years straight.