Chets Randoms For 1/5/18

January 5, 2018

Here are a few random facts...

Beck thought the song "Loser" was mediocre and he didn't want it released as a single.  But his record label did it anyway, and it went on to be his biggest hit by far.

BeforeDavid Letterman got his late night show, he had a morning show on NBC called "The David Letterman Show".  It lasted from June 23rd to October 24th, 1980. Movie previews are called "trailers" because they were originally shown at the END of movies.  The name stuck even once they started showing them first. Vincent van Gogh's famous painting "The Starry Night" is actually the view from the room of his asylum in France. There are only two countries in the world that don't have a holiday celebrating their independence day or the day they became a nation:  The U.K. and Denmark.