MougMating Update: The Parents Meet

January 2, 2018
Finally! The MougMating Update the world has been waiting for... The Parents met for the first time! This is obviously a nerve reckoning moment in any relationship, which was unique for Moug and Stacy because there parents weren't just meeting for the first time but they met on a cruise ship! So there's no easy escape if there any awkward moments during the fist encounter... Moug and Stacy made sure to note there was a heavy amount of alcohol involved on every occasions and Moug confessed he kept accidentally cursing in front of Stacy's parents! Thankfully, Stacy's mom is a 20-year army veteran who didn't mind and hilariously watched Moug try to catch himself curse. Oh & if you were wondering, Moug got the "seal of approval" by Stacy's mom just in case they wan't to get married!