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Chets Randoms for 11/20/17About 25% of the hazelnuts in the world are used to make Nutella.
Chets Randoms for 11/16/17Banana slugs have the same junk size as humans. Banana slugs are about six to eight inches long . . . and believe it or not, when one gets engorged, his JUNK is also six to eight inches long.
Chets Randoms for 11/15/17The original"Super Mario Brothers" is only 40 kilobytes.  To put that in perspective, that's approximately 50 times smaller than one photo on your phone.
Chets Randoms for 11/10/17 The Big Mac was originally called The Aristocrat.  That name bombed, so it was switched to the Blue Ribbon Burger.  That also bombed, so they went with Big Mac . . . which obviously stuck.
Chets Randoms for 11/8/17There hasn't been a left-handed catcher in a Major League Baseball game since 1989.  The main reason is because right-handed batters would be in the way if a left-handed catcher had to try to throw out someone trying to steal a base.
Chets Randoms for 11/7/17The U.S. Department of Defense buys the most explosive devices in the world.
Chets Randoms for 11/2/17Up to half of the water on Earth is older than the sun.
Chets Randoms for 10/31/17The Pledge of Allegiance was adopted by Congress in 1942 but didn't say "under God" until it was amended by Congress in 1954.
Chets Randoms for 10/26/17"Alley-oop" started as a football term.  It was used in 1957 to describe a play where the quarterback would throw the ball up high and another player would jump to catch it.  Basketball started using the term two years later.
Chets Randoms for 10/25/17There are four MLB teams that have won every time they've been in the World Series.  The Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays are both 2-and-0, and the Los Angeles Angels and Arizona Diamondbacks are both 1-and-0.
Chets Randoms for 10/24/17The "Guinness Book of World Records" is in the "Guinness Book of World Records" . . . as the best-selling copyrighted book of all time.
Chets Randoms for 10/20/17Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan.  The four Disney parks in Florida cover 43 square miles, and Manhattan is 22 square miles.  It also means Disney World is roughly the same size as San Francisco.

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