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Spence's SPF RiderWhen a celebrity is away from home they usually ask for a list of necessities known as a "Rider" list. ... and in honor of SPF only a few short days away, Spence decided to write Rider List's for the entire team...
"I Just Found Out I'm Related to My Husband..."During the Kayla report, Chet Buchanan revived a troubling email that drove the show completely off course...
"Just One Person": Edition 1P1 Denise, emailed the show last week, asking for some relationship advice... Denise recently spit with her husband and during that break, she had relations with another man... and now she wants to work things put with her husband again! So whats to problem? Well the husband wont get back together unless she let's him have relations with another girl to, "even the playing field!"
When Do You Tell Her About The Vasectomy?When should you tell your girlfriend about your vasectomy? Kayla thinks on the first few dates... Intern Sammich said not until she brings up kids! What do you think?
P1's Court: Husband & the New Divorced CoWorkerRecently a close P1 contacted the show, asking for some marriage advice... There is a new employee at her husbands work that is newly divorced. Which normally isn't a problem... but, this new coworker has been asking our P1's husband to come over to fix things around her house! We asked our P1's to decide if this is innocent? Or if the coworker is hitting on our P1's husband!
Are you a Good Parent?Last night Kayla and her boyfriend went out for a nice date at Dave & Busters. She loved the food and the night was going great until a group of rude kids bumped into Kayla... Shouldn't there be a bar of expectation of your kids being responsible? Even at an arcade?
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