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Peter Dinklage Was in a Punk Band Before 'Game of Thrones'The actor performed as part of the band Whizzy.
Game of Thrones, Yeah: Season 7 FinaleSpence, cryptically, gives you the details, in song, of how season seven's finale went down on the HBO fantasy-drama, "Game of Thrones."
Game of Thrones, Yeah: Episode 5What happened during episode five of "Game of Thrones"? Spence gives you an idea via song.
Game of Thrones, Yeah: Episode 4What happened Sunday night on HBO's fantasy-drama, "Game of Thrones?" Spence sings about the Dothraki, Jon Snow & the possible demise of the Kingslayer.
Game of Thrones, Yeah: Musical RecapSeason seven of the HBO fantasy-drama "Game of Thrones," has turned up the heat. Spence tells you all about it in song including the long-awaited meeting of Daenerys & Jon Snow, Olenna Tyrell's confession and Cersei & Kingslayer get their groove back.
Game of Thrones Director: Ed Sheeran Did a Lovely Job“He comes with no entourage. There's nothing connected with him that's in the least bit self-aware or self-conscious.”
Game of Thrones Musical RecapChet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo's resident "Game of Thrones" nerd is Spence. The last two weeks he would not shut up about the season seven premiere of HBO's fantasy drama. Well, the show came and went and he still won't shut up about it.
Game of Thrones - Song of the WeekChet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo's resident "Game of Thrones" nerd is your boy, Spence. Sunday night at 6pm, (HBO East coast feed) he will be sitting, intently, in front of his TV anticipating what will happen next on the HBO fantasy drama.
Spence's Challenge: Friday, April 21stTie Spence: Win $473.......... Beat Spence: Win $1,473!!!!
Ed Sheeran Reveals Important Detail about 'Game of Thrones' CameoSheeran shares his character's fate.
Spence's Challenge: Monday, August 1stAll you have to do it tie him and you're walking away with the Terrible Herbst Spence's Challenge Jackpot.
IKEA Furniture or Game of Thrones Character?Spence had some fun with early bird IKEA customers lined up for the opening of the Swedish furniture chain at the 215 & the Durango.

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