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MougMating: Super Love GameIt has been 90 days since 98.5 KLUC afternoon guy, John Moug and P1 Stacy embarked on their first date. How well do they know each other?
MougMating: 90 Day UpdateOn May 10th, 2017, 98.5 KLUC afternoon guy, John Moug went on his first date with #P1 Stacy at Juan's Flaming Fajitas.
"You jump, I jump." - Mougmating ExclusiveAs you may know, afternoon superstar John Moug and P1 Stacy are Facebook official. Before that happened, the two confirmed their exclusivity in the most adorable way possible.
Mougmating Saga RecapIn 2017, you are not technically a couple until it becomes "Facebook Official." As of Sunday, June 5th, afternoon superstar & John Moug and P1 Stacy are just that.
Is Dating in Vegas Dead?After P1 Stacy called the show in hopes of finding love with afternoon superstar John Moug, she expressed how difficult it is to find a decent guy in Las Vegas! Have distractions like gambling, clubbing, and the strip tainted dating in Vegas forever?
Can you **GHOST** someone mid-date???NO!!! A big, fat NO.... A no so large in size it eclipses the sun...... BUT we had to ask our P1's their thoughts on Amber's situation.
TrumpSingles Is a ThingAre you a Donald Trump supporter who couldn't think of dating someone who doesn't share your unbridled passion for him? Well then, you need to get on board with
Spence's Challenge: Tuesday, July 19thFor the first time EVER, in the history of Spence's Challenge, Sabrina went 5-for-5..... the question is, did Spence tie her and save Mr. Terrible's Bonus?
Most Vegetarians Are MeatistsApproximately 94% of being in a relationship is figuring out what you're going to eat. So it makes sense that you should have the same basic philosophy on food if you're going to make it work. I guess.
The Average Person Spends Over Five Years and $20,000 on DatingThe average person spends five-and-a-half years and $20,276 on dating before they meet the person they marry.
Parody: Trump Dating SiteThere are dating sites for Catholics, the Jewish, African Americans and even farmers. Now, from the twisted mind of Spence, a dating site exclusively for supporters of Republican front runner Donald Trump.
Selena Gomez & Zayn Malik?! **Don't Click If You Don't Really Want To Know**So everyone ASSUMES Selena Gomez is gonna get back with Justin Bieber just because he serenaded her in a bar, but it looks like she may have other interests!

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