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The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 11/27/17There's a mystery Santa Clause in Cherry Hills New Jersey, who's been spreading Christmas cheer in an awesome way! It’s Today’s “Good Feeling Story of the Day!
Chets Randoms for 11/27/17George H.W. Bush is now the longest living president ever, at 93 years and 168 days old and counting.  He just passed Gerald Ford, who died when he was 93 years and 165 days old.
Spence's Challenge: Monday, Nov. 27thAre you looking for some extra cash this holiday season? Why not play Spence for up to $1,223?
Chets Randoms for 11/21/17
Chets Randoms for 11/20/17About 25% of the hazelnuts in the world are used to make Nutella.
The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 11/20/17Legendary Actor Harrison Ford, who's also known as "Han Solo" from Star Wars, played the hero role once more this past Sunday...
Netflix & No Chill?Sandra was on her 4th date night when she though she would "get some," but unfortunately, that's not how it went...
Chets Randoms for 11/17/17The Jerry Seinfeld character dated 66 different women over the course of "Seinfeld" and, obviously, all of those relationships failed for different, and usually ridiculous, reasons.
Spence's Challenge: Friday, Nov. 17thAfter a tie game yesterday, Spence is back on track winning his 452nd game this morning in Spence's Challenge!
The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 11/17/17
Chets Randoms for 11/16/17Banana slugs have the same junk size as humans. Banana slugs are about six to eight inches long . . . and believe it or not, when one gets engorged, his JUNK is also six to eight inches long.
Chets Randoms for 11/15/17The original"Super Mario Brothers" is only 40 kilobytes.  To put that in perspective, that's approximately 50 times smaller than one photo on your phone.

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