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Chets Randoms For 1/18/18The first book Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel ever had published wasn't a children's book . . .
My Family is Trying To Guilt-Me Out Of My Relationship!An anonymous P1 wants to move-in with her boyfriend but her mom and grandmother don't want her too...
Do You Sing Your Kids To Sleep?Do you sing your kids to sleep? If so, what do you sing?
Chets Randoms For 1/16/18The penalty for cannibalism in Idaho is up to 14 years in prison . . .
Chets Randoms For 1/12/18No one knows if Andrew Jackson was born in North Carolina or South Carolina. 
Would You Let Your Best Friend Date Your Daughter?Is there any situation in the world where you would let you best friend date or even marry your daughter?
My Boyfriend Doesn't Think I Can Get The Job... So He's Applying Too!P1 Haley called today to explain how she came home excited about a new job opportunity and now her boyfriend is trying to steal it!
Chets Randoms For 1/11/18Coca-Cola wanted to raise their prices from 5 cents a bottle in 1953, so they asked the Treasury Department to start making a 7.5-cent coin.
UPDATE: Should Monica Date Her Step-Brother?Since being on the show last week, P1 Monica kissed her step-brother! And Mom found out...
Chets Randoms For 1/10/18The ancient Egyptians had proctologists. The ancient Egyptian word for a proctologist translates to "shepherd of the anus."
Do You Let Your Significant Other Look Through Your Phone?Do you let your significant other look through your phone? If not, what's to hide?
Should P1 Monica Date Her Step-Brother?P1 Kayla has a problem... She hasn't seen her step-brother in 2 years until recently and now he's HOT! Is it wrong for her to try and pursue a relationship?

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