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By Gianni Giancola

The University of Southern California has held a drag show for the past seven years allowing students to express themselves in their arts specifically in the art of drag. The Queer and Ally Student Assembly other known as QUASA puts on events LGBTQ related and non-related.

Many fierce queens strutted what their momma’s gave them while: dancing, singing, lip-syncing and stand up comedy. Another surprise of the night was that a celebrity performer, Trixie Mattel, from RuPaul’s Drag Race was also attending to shake things up.

img 7806 e1512791594242 7th Annual Drag Show: Drag Olympics   USC!

img 7807 e1512791663424 7th Annual Drag Show: Drag Olympics   USC!


This night was important because a great friend of mine known as Angel Dust was performing in this show. Angel Dust has been doing drag just over a year now and has come along way in snatching wigs, covering her brows and dancing. Dust is known around USC as the drag entertainer and has since made a career move out of doing so. She is now sponsored in West Hollywood, California by Gameboi entertainment who runs Rage night club.

The night started out with a Justin Bieber impersonator lip-syncing all of his hits from “Boyfriend,” “Baby” and “ALAYLM!” Other queens performed paying tribute to Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Destiny Child.

Not being surrounded by a drag scene it was interesting to see the different takes many of the performers had on what drag was to them. A taller blonde queen portrayed a house wife from the 50’s who looked like she had a pillow fight and the pillow won. Not saying that in a negative way either. Another queen had more of the natural look with no wig, a dress on and red paint on her skin to signify the importance of harm in one of her pieces. Each queen was unique in their own way. That’s one great thing about drag is that each drag queen and be who they want to be.

Angel Dust had four backup dancers and lip-synced to a medley created by herself which included Kesha, clips from movies, Beyoncè, Tinashe and more. It’s amazing how music artists have inspired these young queens to follow their dreams. Her first routine looked out of a movie with light up face masks for her background performers while everyone is hitting every move in-sync. She had a tall blonde wig on, an army-themed body suit with jewels that followed her chest line and a face painted (or beat as they say) to the end of dawn. Seeing Angel Dust like this for the first time was normal yet inspiring. To see that my friend looked this well as the opposite gender was shocking. It was a very proud moment to be able to see my friend express themselves in front of so many people while being comfortable doing it.

img 6924 7th Annual Drag Show: Drag Olympics   USC!


img 6927 7th Annual Drag Show: Drag Olympics   USC!



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