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By Gianni Giancola

Maryellis Bun and Manish Vora are the creators of the bright creative space known as the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC). MOIC is an environment that allows one’s imagination to flourish! Their goal is to create happiness and bring people together. It originally started in New York City and has ventured all the way to Los Angeles, California.

The Los Angeles MOIC greets you with a pink building and a giant pink wall where creative souls are taking their next Instagram photos for the next month. You then get broken off into groups, ours being called tooty fruity unicorns which wasn’t our first choice! Lol

You then enter into the museum being greeted by an ice cream cart!  Being instructed to stick your hand in and grab out a succulent piece of chocolate. I know what you’re thinking… Why chocolate? I honestly couldn’t tell you but it was tasty! Waiting to explore, one can only move forward in the museum.

We enter over 10 rooms and here are my top three favorites:

The Los Angeles themed room (#2).

One enters the room walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, each having unique names like “Kim Karbdashian” and “Scoop Dog!” Looking up, one lands in front of the Hollywood sign aka the Museum of Ice Cream sign! There are pink palms in the room that give off that Southern California vibe. There is a banner hanging on the far back wall that says Venice Cream. To end this room on a sweet note, there’s an ice cream stand where we we’re given a scoop of  vanilla mixed with cotton candy ice cream. Talk about delicious.

img 6985 e1511739391552 The Museum Of Ice Cream: Los Angeles!

The Mint themed room (#4).

Passing a wall that is designed to look like ice cream cone, one enters a chilled room almost getting goosebumps upon entering because of the temperature drop. Surrounded by mint green walls there are two rows of tables with plants in the center pushing the earth vibe even further. Immediately, one is handed mint green mochi. Mochi originally originating in Japan, is a round ball of ice cream with a thick gooey coating on the outside. On the far wall is a mint leaf sign with neon words above it saying mint life.

img 7070 The Museum Of Ice Cream: Los Angeles!

The Sprinkle Pit room (#9).

Finally reaching the most anticipated room of all the Sprinkle room. There is a neon sign on the left wall which imitates the one seen in West Hollywood of a woman diving. The neon sign was based off of a woman who was an olympian in the 1920’s by the name of Thelma Payne. Coming back to the MOIC, the sprinkle pit was very small but filled with artificial sprinkles. Each group was given about 7-10 minutes which felt like seconds to take the best photos, videos, and boomerangs ever! There were bright pink blow-up balls and a blow up heart floaty in the pool. My best advice, know what poses you want to do before entering the pool!

img 7179 The Museum Of Ice Cream: Los Angeles!

Overall, the MOIC was sweet and filled with memories I’ll never forget. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. In total, I took 317 photos and 15 videos. If I could any last advice it would be to have room on your phone and make sure you’re battery is fully charged! Each MOIC location is different. Two new museums have recently opened, one in Miami and one in San Francisco.





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