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By Gianni Giancola

Las Vegas has the creepiest NEW attraction that will definitely give you the heebie-geebies! Ghost Adventure’s Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum welcomes locals and tourists who are curious of the afterlife and more!

The 11,000-square-foot, 33 bedroom mansion used to be Las Vegas’ building with the most rooms. Businessman, Cyril S. Wengert used to own the building which was built in 1938. If you’re into spirits, cursed objects, energies of all kinds… this is the place for you.

Looks may be deceiving and that is the case with this mansion museum. The looks of a small cottage but when entered into is a world full of real life stories. There are mysteries around every corner of this house. The Scooby Doo gang would be flabbergasted. Each room tells it’s own story whether clown infested or demonic doll possessed one will never not be on their toes.

One goosebumps causing room would have to be Peggy’s room. Peggy is a doll who is possessed by the spirit of a woman who was born in London’s Holland Park in 1946. The woman is believed to have died of chest-related problems. When entering the room, Peggy is centered against the wall in a box with a rosary around her neck. Peggy isn’t fond of the rosary which is said to keep the demonic energy inside of her. Guests must say “hello Peggy” when entering and “goodbye Peggy” before leaving the room or else… one doesn’t quite know.

Another room in the mansion is a room that scared guests may opt out of if they don’t want to go in. The room contains the Dybbuk Box. A Dybbuk is a malicious spirit believed to be able to haunt or even possess the living. The cabinet was first found on Ebay in 2003 from Kevin Mannis who lived in Portland, Oregon. The cabinet originated in Spain and belonged to a Holocaust survivor named Havela. The cabinet is in the center of a black room in a case with salt and rosemarie around it to keep the dark energy at bay.

The Haunted Museum is an attraction one should check out whether you’re a Ghost Adventure fan or not. Unlike any other Vegas attraction, this allows people to have a one-on-one experience with the presence of the afterlife.






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