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By Kayla

… AND no, it’s not her cup size.

Seriously though, a lot of new relationships struggle because of lack of communication. It’s important for both people to learn about each other, AND that’s the point of this. I want you to know as much about your girl as possible…. so here are some things you may want to find out:

  1. What’s her favorite flower? — As cliché as it sounds, the majority of women have a favorite flower. Now most women will give you the standard “I don’t really care”…. but with a little research you’ll find a board on her Pinterest page with endless floral arrangements. Throw some names out there. She may feel more open to share if you drop names like “Peonies? Gardenias? Are you a Sunflower type of gal?”    WHY? — Flowers are a sweet gesture during holidays, but unless her favorites ARE roses, they can get a little boring (for every holiday). Knowing what she really prefers shows you listen and care about even the smallest details.  
  2. What do her parents prefer to be called? — If you’ve ever heard the phrase “You’re such a millennial”, this may apply. While some parents prefer first names, most want to be shown a little bit of respect. “Ma’am”, “Sir”; those sort of things. It’s always good to get a read of how your new partner was raised. Just straight up ask her “What do your friends call your parents?”      WHY? — Addressing adult-parents can be tricky. While most fathers want to be shown respect, you’ll find a lot of mothers hate being a “ma’am”. It may make them feel like they’re turning into their own mother. Another important reason: They may prefer first names. If your girlfriend’s parents are like my best friends, they won’t respond unless you say “Kellie” and “Chris”.
  3. How much of a sports fan is she? — Does she have a team? Most girls will have a team they align with, but the passionate fan is the one you have to watch for. If she turns out to know more about the NBA Finals than you, don’t fight her; you’re not going to win. A simple question like “You’re a Chargers fan. Why?” can open up an entire conversation at dinner.     WHY? — Some girls (like me) know random stuff about sports, but I’m always looking to learn. If you can teach me a fun fact on our first date, that moment will always stick out in my mind. EX// “Oh, you like Michael Jordan? Did you know the Bulls owner continued to pay him his $4 Million basketball contract even when he was experimenting with baseball? But it was probably because he also owned the White Sox.”
  4. Does she have allergies? — If you have allergies, you know how important this is. Are you planning a trip? Maybe a date night? BUT you forgot to tell her about your roommates new kitten….. and she breaks out in hives the second she walks in the door. What if you want to cook, but she can’t get anywhere near a peanut? You must inspect every ingredient before even bringing it in the house. You want to make the best impression possible so don’t chance a near death experience.     WHY? — Do you really need a reason to know your new Girlfriends health risks?
  5. Is she looking to move? — The average person will move eleven times in their life before settling somewhere. What are your plans? Always consider that this may just be a stop for her and if you’re thinking this is a permanent fixture, you need to voice that.    WHY? — The obvious reasons. The longer you wait, the harder that conversation will be…. and who knows? Maybe your serious side will show her that you’re ready for the long-haul. It may make her rethink her current situation and look at it as a more permanent place.

While every girl is different, the rules to our heart can be simple. We just need a guy to listen to us and if you’re paying attention to the little things, BRAVO!

Think the list is missing something? Email me or Hit us on Twitter.


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