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By Gianni Giancola

After One Direction‘s hiatus hit the media, Niall Horan hasn’t let that hinder him from making NEW music. Horan’s new adventure as a solo artist is just beginning… Fans are super excited for his soon-to-be arrival in Vegas for SPF 2017, check out our picks of Niall’s five best cover songs from a flash from his past!

  • 1. Former One Direction star, Niall Horan took center stage for former band, One Direction‘s Up All Night Tour in Miami, Florida on June 29, 2012. A fan by the name of Jessica Nguyen requested that the Irish singer, “Sing your favourite Ed Sheeran song!! xx” on the tour’s fan texting request screen! Niall, reading the request aloud takes the challenge of singing “A-Team” by Ed Sheeran! His band mates chime in the back leaving Niall to carry the chords until the end…. when singer, Harry Styles sings the end lyric “FLY” obnoxiously. His bandmates give me brownie points at the end and Niall gives the fan kisses gestures!



  • 2. Here’s another rare clip of Niall Horan singing another fantastic cover. Horan sings “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston on his tour with former band, One Direction during their “Where We Are Tour” at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. One of the bandmates goes “everyone” to sings along and Niall says, “We’re gonna go different one.” Horan sings passionately into the mic really feeling the song. Near :55 seconds he starts giving the crowd a bop of excitement!



  • 3. Niall Horan covers “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes with his former band, One Direction on January 24th 2012 at The 02 Dublin! Horan goes on at :45 seconds with the biggest smile on his face. He lunges into the start of the song with heavy vocals singing, “My Hearts a Stereo” continuing the rest of the lyrics with passion. He encourages the crowd to sing along as he says,” you say” to the “oh to my stereo” chorus. He quickly wraps up the song with some last words “Thank you Dublin!”



  • 4. If you didn’t know, Niall Horan was a belieber. WELL, a really big Justin Bieber fan. It’s true. This cover has over a million view on Youtube and we’re surprised not more! Niall is sitting on a staircase with a small crowd around as he sings Justin Bieber‘s “Baby!” Yet did anyone ever know that the boy standing right in front of him was going to be one his former bandmate and lifelong friend; that boy was Liam Payne. Payne was standing there watching and supporting as he goes and sits behind Niall joining in on the singing session. Look at them now… Payne a newly father and solo artist Horan performing at SPF 2017!



  • 5. We can’t forget Niall Horan‘s audition that started it all when he auditioned for the X-Factor back in 2010! Confident pubescent Niall walks out on stage to sing, Ne-yo‘s “So Sick Of Love” to to get heavily critiqued by the judges. Niall started out soft to get stopped early by judge Simon Cowell. Katy Perry chimes in,”I think you’re adorable and you have charisma, I just think that maybe you should work on it… you’re only 16!” The other judges follow behind but they think he is “likable” and boy we’re they right! We can’t wait to see this Irish man… boy… man-boy sing at SPF 2017!



You can catch this talented Irish singer at night #2 of SPF 2017! Don’t miss out! 


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