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By Spence

The Terrible Herbst Spence’s Challenge Jackpot climbs to $173.00 as Spence wins his 312th win! You can win all of that money and we’ll add an extra $1000 if you can beat Spence! Practice, Play, Win!

Call Everyday at 7:25am for a chance to play!

  1. CNN is speculating that MS-13 is America’s most dangerous what?     A: STREET GANG
  2. A blizzard dumped an inordinate amount of snow on the mountains of what not normally snowy state?     A: HAWAII
  3. A lot of reports speculate Colin Kaepernick wiLl most likely end up with which NFL team?      A: SEATTLE
  4. “Don’t Be Trady,” star Kim Zoliciak took to snapchat to reveal she’s “incredibly bruised” after getting what part of her body redone?        A: HER LIPS
  5. A Wikipedia editing war raged last week over the gender of which famous cartoon character?    A: GARFIELD 

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