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By Chet Buchanan

Here are a few random facts for you….

The Chicago Bulls drafted Carl Lewis in 1984 with the 208th pick . . . which was 205 picks after they drafted Michael Jordan the same year.  But Lewis decided to stick with track-and-field.

Pez was originally marketed as a sophisticated, healthy candy for adults when it came out in America in 1953.  Within two years they became a candy for kids with a toy as the dispenser.

During the filming of “Rocky”, Sylvester Stallone broke his ribs and Carl Weathers got a broken nose . . . which is the opposite of the movie, where Rocky has a broken nose and Apollo Creed has broken ribs.

Before penicillin, the best available cure for syphilis was . . . intentionally giving someone malaria.  It would cause such a high fever that it could kill off the bacteria causing syphilis.  Of course, it could also potentially kill the person, but whatever.

Pigeons have an incredible ability to remember human faces.  In fact, if you chase or feed a pigeon even once, it will remember you in the future.


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