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By Spence

It’s Spence’s first kids Song of the Week…well, kinda. I mean, your 8 year old boy will love it. Enjoy “Beans & Milk.” Hear a new Song of the Week every Friday morning at 8:05.

Yes, the election is over. Yes, Donald Trump is the president-elect. Spence understands and accepts this…but he’s still bitter. Check out his parody of the Canadian national anthem.

…and here is an animated version of the same song:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s the first World Series win for the Cubbies in 108 years. Doesn’t that mean that they kinda suck…a lot. Here’s “The Cubs Still Suck.”

This presidential election has been nothing short of ridiculous and we’re all counting the days including Spence. As of Friday there were 18 days left until the vote is done. Here’s Spence’s take on it. Check out Spence’s Song of the Week titled “18 Days.

Sure, a threesome sounds awesome…well, at least Spence’s version of a threesome…Kayla’s…mmmmmm, not so much.

Awkward! What happens when your P.E. teacher is making moves on your mom? It’s Spence’s Song of the Week.

$750 million of public money so a billionaire can build a stadium? Spence believes there are better ways to spend that money. It’s “Viva Los Raiders.”

Here’s Spence’s tribute to the return of the NFL titled, “The NFL Is Back.”

Three-day Weekends can be inspirational. It was for Spence, who, has a very unoriginal way to spend this Labor Day Weekend…s***faced. Here’s “Labor Day Drunk.”

Come November 9th we may very well have our first female president and with that we will usher in the White House pantsuit era. See “Pantsuit Girl.” It’s Spence “Song of the Week.”

The unsung heroes of the Rio Olympics are the doping agents that ensure that the Games aren’t tarnished by cheating. Hence, Spence’s salute to the “Pee In The Cup Guy.”

In honor of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, a parody song of the Olympic Fanfare and Theme by John Williams. Spence tells you everything you need to know about what you will see and read about concerning the Rio 2016 Olympics.

It’s not hard to figure out where Spence stands politically. Well, if you don’t know, it’s clear in his track, “I Think My Dog Is Voting for Trump.”

As mature as ever, Spence was joined by “The Real’s” Loni Love in studio, homie strapped on his ax and busted out “Boobies.” Classy.

The official song of the 4th of July, it’s “Firework Firejerk.”

Dad’s get screwed on Father’s Day…well…as compared to Mother’s Day. Check out an “Ode to Father’s Day.”

Kayla is entertaining her kinfolk that are out west from Florida. So, Spence gave ’em a little dose of musical hospitality with the #1 song in Mississippi, “UncleBrother.”

It really is borderline stalking, this thing with Spence and comedienne, actress and talk show host, Sherri Shepherd. Here is his love song to her:

As of this posting, we have not been fired for the Spence original, “Swallow It All,” but, then again, there is not one thing dirty about it. SEE for yourself.

With the help of actress/comedienne Sherri Shepherd, Spence did a tribute to dudes who try to romance via the emoji. See “Emoji Man,” y’all.

This week, Spence sang of the virtues of the Walmart Shopping Cart Wrangler. Check it out, fool.

It ain’t what happened on Cinco de Mayo, it’s how you feel about it on Seis de Mayo. Usually it has something to do with tequila. Enjoy, “Mr. Patron.”

With the help of Frankie Moreno from “Under the Influence” at Planet Hollywood, we told the story of a trip to the dentist that didn’t go so well…or did it? Here’s “The Dentist.”

It’s the excretory combo phenomenon known as the “SneezeFart.”

If you want see a video that’s totes adorbs, watch “Abbrevs.”

Week three, we took on Showkiller’s constant whining and complaining about how is life was so terrible. Now, he never really says it’s horrible, he just is always worried about the man and the boot he has pressed to Davey’s neck. Here is “I’m Showkiller & My Life Sucks.”

If you’ve ever seen a bilingual sign in a public restroom, this song is for you. I sing the sign in Spanish, and our friends Rosa & Fanny from 98.5 KLUC business office translate for all the gringos.

Check out our first “Song of the Week,” dedicated to Kayla titled, “Fri-Yay.”


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