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By Spence

Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you know that to do a good Donald Trump impression, you need to understand his ‘Trump-isms.’

Now, there’s a hashtag called “#TrumpExplainsMoviePlots” trending on Twitter…and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Here are 12 highlights:

1. “Back to the Future”: “Biff . . . great guy, good friend of mine . . . they ruin his life! Doc and Marty . . . total losers. Can’t win without time machine.”

2. “Star Wars”: “Son disrespects great, VERY successful father. True loser. Kissed his sister.”

3. “Saving Private Ryan”: “So they storm the beach, trying to recover this captured Private. Bad film. I like people who weren’t captured, okay?”

4. “Jurassic Park”: “The park? Poorly run, folks. Sad. In my park the dinosaurs would be bigger. I mean YUGE. Make Goldblum great again!”

5. “Poltergeist”: “Pot-smoking family tries to blame developers for corpses in their swimming pool! Scary!”

6. “Edward Scissorhands”: “This guy, this creepy guy, he’s got scissors for hands. Many people are saying this. My hands, they’re great.”

7. “The Lord of the Rings”: “Little Frodo, very small guy, tries to destroy a ring. It takes forever, total loser. I’d do it quicker, believe me.”

8. “Fight Club”: “I really shouldn’t talk about. I shouldn’t. I CAN’T. But really folks, I can’t. Okay? Okay. It’s a fight club.”

9. “Jaws”: “Big shark. Biggest shark you ever saw. I saw it, folks. Huge. Police chief. Great guy, friend of mine. He KILLED it.”

10. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”: “Voldemort, great guy. Ridding the magic world of immigrants. Crooked Harry can’t be trusted.”

11. “Soylent Green”: “So the Soylent Green . . . and here’s the thing with Soylent Green and I’ve always said this, believe me . . . It’s people.”

12. And “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”, which featured Trump: “I helped a kid around the lobby of a hotel once. I’m great with kids, I’m the best with kids.” And another says, quote, “A boy abandoned by liberal parents who meets an American hero!”

Search out more for yourself.


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