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Katy Perry Compares Navigating Social Media to ‘Mission: Impossible’

"The whole world has become a little on edge over what you can and cannot say."

By Staff

Katy Perry has 90 million followers on Twitter, making her most followed person on the platform.

In a new interview with Mashable, Perry talks about the delicate nature of speaking to an audience of that size.

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“I think now though, there’s a meme, a Mission: Impossible laser meme with someone trying to get through a laser,” she said. “That’s what it’s like trying to tell a joke in 2016. I think everyone feels a little on edge saying anything. Sometimes you feel like you have to read all the news before you can say anything… I feel like I have the power with one button to speak with so many people and be connected with people all over the world at the snap of you finger. It’s a powerful tool….”

Katy acknowledges that with great power, comes great responsibility.

“But when you have a lot to lose you get a bit careful because the bigger you are the harder you fall. So you just kind of have to learn how to bob and weave. I think the whole world has become a little on edge over what you can and cannot say. And it’s not just me, it’s anyone.”

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