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Justin Bieber is calling in Wednesday to talk about his new single, “Boyfriend” and everything else he’s got going on. I could really use some help coming up with questions! Leave them in the comments section below or Tweet them at us: @985KLUC! Check this video of my interview with Justin two years ago in his dressing room at Planet Hollywood!

John Moug/98.5 KLUC

Comments (26)
  1. xasha says:

    #AskBieber How does he like his steak cooked?

  2. xasha says:

    #AskBieber What is his favorite line off of any song from #Believe?

  3. xasha says:

    #AskBieber what his favorite city to visit is

  4. xasha says:

    #AskBieber Who was your favorite person to collaborate with for Believe?

  5. xasha says:

    #AskBieber when will the full Boyfriend music video be released?

  6. xasha says:

    #AskBieber, when something or someone makes you mad, what or who helps you calm down?

  7. Lolli Jimenez says:

    #AskBieber , When will your BELIEVE Tour start and is he coming to Las Vegas for another concert . ?? ❤

  8. xasha says:

    #askbieber Would he have preferred the KCAs to use purple slime?

  9. Lolli Jimenez says:

    #AskBieber , who are some artist you collaborated with in your new album ? (:

  10. Lolli Jimenez says:

    #AskBieber , What is his favorite song in Believe ?

  11. Pargol says:

    #AskBieber what are the top 5 songs on his ipod right now

  12. xasha says:

    #AskBieber What is his most prized possession?

  13. xasha says:

    #AskBieber if he was stranded on an island with one person, who would he want that person to be?

  14. Jenna Burnett says:

    #AskBieber if he’d ever date a fan? i’m 20 and single 😉 jk but seriously #askBieber if he wrote alot of his own lyrics on his Believe album.

  15. xasha says:

    #AskBieber Justin, what is your biggest pet peeve?

  16. xasha says:

    #AskBieber what kind of shampoo & conditioner do you use?

  17. suree says:

    #AskBieber If you were to pick one person to live on a vacant planet with, who would it be?

  18. Ajai says:

    #AskBieber when are u coming back to vegas? and can u follow me on twitter? @BiebsNDSimspon also my friend @xIBeliebIn1Dx thanks ❤

    1. Ajai says:

      @BiebsNDSimpson i spelled it wrong lol

  19. Maricelle says:

    #AskJustin What do you have to say about One Direction?

  20. Maricelle says:

    #AskJustin Did you enjoy being slimed at the KCA’S? (:

  21. Maricelle says:

    #AskJustin What would you say to all the haters out there?

  22. Maricelle says:

    #AskJustin Did you ever considered being a rapper?

  23. Xasha says:

    #AskBieber if you could have one person to be alone with for 24 hrs, who would it be

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